Ladies Connecting with Purpose Luncheon

Our focus this month will be The Emily Murphy Centre and how, we can help this Christmas.
The Centre is a place of refuge for abused women and their families to empower them to start fresh.
The Executive Director of Emily Murphy, Lisa Wilde, will be guest speaker. She will help us understand how we can offer practical assistance to meet the needs of their resident families.
Afterwards, we will be making gift baskets for the women living there.
Below is a list of items the Centre needs.
Bring smaller items for the Gift Baskets. We will team up and make as many baskets as possible.  
The larger items on the list are excellent suggestions for our Church Drive and a box will be placed in the Lobby for those items.
Items Needed:
Tea/hot chocolate
Chocolate and treats
PJ’s (all sizes up to 2x)
Gift cards (Walmart, giant tiger, groceries, McDonalds,  shopper’s etc.)
Hats and mitts(we have a wide selection given to us from Shoppers Drug Mart)
Personal Care (Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, hair brushes,  etc.)
Kitchen and bathroom items
Writing pads and pens – journals(Sandy McComb has offered to donate these)
Food – our pantry is very low right now!
A reminder that the women and children come to the Centre with just the clothes on their backs and a few small items.
Let us show Christ’s Love to the women and their children this Christmas Season.
To register please e-mail [email protected] or sign the registration sheet at the Welcome Table.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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